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Minimum Bet = 5 Chips
Maximum Bet = 500 Chips

Obtain a deck of cards with a higher point value than the dealer, without going over 21.

How to Play:
To get another card, click on "Hit," or press "Stand" when you are finished. Aces can be counted as either 1 point or 11 points. All Royal cards (Jack, Queen and King) are counted as 10 points.

The Deal. Each player is dealt two cards, face up. The dealer is dealt two cards, one of them face up, the other face down. Players must play their hands first, and the dealer plays her hand last if there are player hands on the table that have not busted (exceeded 21 points).

Any hand over 21 points is called a "Bust".

How the Dealer Plays:
The dealer must hit (take additional cards) until her hand has a point value of 17 or higher. If the dealer has an Ace and a 6 (a Soft 17), she must stand.

If the player is dealt an Ace and a 10 card (a natural BlackJack), and the dealer does not have BlackJack, the player is immediately paid 1.5 times their bet (3 to 2). If the dealer is dealt a BlackJack, and is not showing an Ace, the player immediately loses their bet.

If the dealer is showing an Ace, the player will be offered Insurance. Click "Yes" to purchase insurance, which will cost 1/2 the amount of the original bet. If the player purchases insurance, they will not lose their bet if the dealer has BlackJack. If the player declines insurance and the dealer has BlackJack, the player will lose their bet immediately.

If the player is dealt a pair of cards that have the same value, the player can "split" the cards into two separate hands, and play each hand separately. When splitting Aces, the player may only take one additional card.

When holding two cards, the player may double their bet and take exactly one more card. In this case, the player is betting that adding exactly one more card will beat the dealers hand.

When holding two cards, the player can surrender half their bet and not play the hand. Surrending is often not allowed in actual casinos because it can be used to the players advantage (surrender when odds of winning are less than 25%).



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